Private Yoga Instructions

My private yoga class embraces the original format of teaching with personalized one-on-one instructions. While yoga classes are an ideal way of learning and practicing, personalized yoga lessons are the most effective form of yoga, and the quickest way to reach your goals. A private yoga class is a powerful way to deepen your practice, develop a home practice, or work on something specific like relieving lower back pain or rehabbing an old injury.

The class

Each session is designed specifically for you, and will focus on postures and sequences for your body type, taking into consideration your fitness level, stress level, and your personal health and goals. You will be receiving hands-on assistance in the form of physical adjustments and a relaxation massage. During the session you can ask questions and get personalized attention tailored to your specific life circumstances and needs.

There are many benefits deriving from individual yoga instructions, including:

▢ Work towards a specific goal; flexibility, balance, strength, and focus.

▢ Develop a safe and beneficial personal practice.

▢ Develop a deeper understanding of yoga poses and breathing techniques.

▢ Work on mastering more advanced postures or learn to overcome fears that might be holding your practice back.

▢ Understand modifications and work towards rehabilitation of injuries or work in-depth with specific areas of the body.

▢ Discover simple tools you can use to bring yoga into your life with awareness to your breath, your movements and your intentions.

▢ Assistance in helping you focus inward for restoration, spiritual growth and emotional balance.

▢ Learn about a new lifestyle, way of thinking, and of being.


Pricing can depend on length of session and location. Please send all inquiries via contact form.