Corporate Yoga Instructions

If back problems, aching neck and shoulders, headaches, difficulty concentrating and falling asleep are bothering you, your colleagues or employees you may be suffering desk syndrome or stress related conditions, and it is probably about time to consider corporate yoga classes in your workplace.

My Corporate yoga classes are a way for employees to stretch and de-stress right in the office. These classes can help employees in your organization to become healthier, stronger, calmer and more focused with clearer minds. Yoga is a simple and enjoyable approach towards better health, and well being.

The classes

Regular yoga classes at your work place

A typical corporate yoga class includes basic understanding of how yoga can help reducing stress, simple yet effective yoga postures for prevention of aches and pains, breathing exercises to energize or calm the mind and body as well as meditation. Classes are designed for all experience levels.

Corporate yoga workshops for conferences

A short workshop style session can help to invigorate and revitalize during long conferences or team building days. A basic understanding of yoga, postures/ stretches, breathing exercises and meditation will be included in every session. These workshops are designed to be joyful, interesting and will restore and refresh the mind and body for the rest of the day.

Benefits of yoga classes in the workplace:

▢ Reduced stress, anxiety & depression,

▢ Increased energy and vitality,

▢ Improved memory, focus and concentration,

▢ Stronger muscles and increased flexibility,

▢ Improved posture,

▢ Improved overall health and reduced risk for diseases,

▢ Better mood and relationships.

Pricing can depend on class size. Please send all inquiries via contact form.